The Basics of Church Live Streaming

And was created by a Christian guy named Martin Sinclair who’s a friend of mine in short V mix can mix all of your input sources like cameras audio inputs desktop capture of your presentation software and more record your live stream to an extremely high quality video file and display your live video out of the computer to say TV’s around your church or even your projection screens in your sanctuary so make sure to buy vmix say it mixes the best now that you have your camera tripod computer and software now all you need is your streaming service this isĀ  Tv3 Malaysia

The service that takes your live video and makes it available all around the world to all of your devices you can use either a free service like youtube or Facebook or you can pay for a CDN which stands for content delivery network the pros of using youtube or Facebook is that they are free and they are connected with users who are already using their website they also transcode your video automatically to different qualities so people from varying connection speeds can watch youtube and Facebook also having built-in chat features that connects your users while they’re watching although there are solutions for using chat features while using a CDN as well

The con is that they typically limit the quality that you can stream and also have copyright algorithms that scan your audio for copywritten material if you end up streaming any copyrighted material in your audio feed they will flag your video and remove it an example of this is having pre and post service music if you stream any sort of mainstream music playing in the background youtube and Facebook will detect it and pull the video down once you’re done streaming so that’s a bummer the pros of using a CDN is that you have full control over your video stream you can set