OBS Tutorial Series Audio Devices & Filters

Hello everybody and welcome back to my OBS studio tutorial series we’re gonna talk about audio configuration this time how to set up audio devices globally and locally how to add filters to them what those filters are and how to set those up too we’re gonna talk about audio playback so that you can monitor your audio I use it to monitor my mic so that I can hear if I’m transmitting here if I’m too loud or too quiet I also use my physical mixer to do a lot of effects like like this one here and if I sound wrong when I do that i’ll know right away because I’m listening to it live so that’s an advantage you can use tvmelayu

If you want we’re also gonna go over very briefly how to forward and split audio because I know people are interested in that the problem is that it’s beyond the scope of OBS I use third-party software to do it it’s a little beyond the scope of windows default 2 so I use third-party audio software it’s free and i’ll go over how it works really quickly but first things first let’s talk about audio settings just so that we’re on the same page neither’s the same audio settings that I went over in video 1 under settings under audio here’s where you set your global devices this is your main hardware that you want to be on every scene so what we have here are two output devices i’ve got my desktop audio is one of them

And we have three mics line in rear blue is my mic but I also have discord set up as a mic on cable B here is Mike – on mic 3 I set up at Yeti just so that we can play with that mic and we also have some options for delay on how much delay is on push to meu push-to-talk if you’re looking for that push to me push-to-talk that’s under hotkeys with all the other hotkeys for me it’s down here in case you wanted to meet your mic by keystroke I use my mixer to do that so don’t do that but if you were looking for that and I certainly recommend it here’s where that’s set another thing I want to go over is monitoring your audio that’s under advanced this is where you pick your audio device that you want to listen to it with I use my headphones and